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Why can't I get a replacement device without having to pay tax upfront?


My new Note 9 is stuck in a boot loop.  I did the required security update and then loop, loop, loop.  I got this phone on 8/23/18.  I went to a corporate store, they had none in stock and referred me to customer service.  I spoke to three different service reps.  The first called another corporate store and was told there was a 512G available and it would be held for me.  I called the store to confirm and was told that none of the stores carry the 512G!  OK, back to customer service.  Rep two told me that they would be happy to replace my phone.  The order was started and then I was told I had to pay the tax up front.  I asked why I was not able to charge it to the account and was told there was no way to do that.  I was sent to a manager,  rep number three.  Willy [removed] informed me that there was NO way to put though a replacement order with out paying taxes up front.  He then, in a very condescending manner, explained the concept of state tax three times to me.  Thanks Willy, but still no help and yes I do understand the concept of sales tax.  Interesting since my previous phone had warranty issues and they were able to provide me a special credit that zeroed out the tax since I had already paid it on the first phone.  I was told that this was the only way to get a replacement phone.  I want to know how to reach someone high enough to get this straightened out for me.

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