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"SIM card not found" and Message+ problems after 05/30/17 update


I have 2 current issues I cannot resolve on my 2+ year old Note 4.  Since the last software update of 05/30/17, my Mobile Data shuts off without warning.  When I try to re-enable it, I receive a "SIM Card not installed" error message.  The only work restore mobile data service is to reboot; mobile data works fine for anywhere from 1 to 4 hours, then it shuts down again.

There was a prior software update last year that caused the same issue.  The 2 fixes I used last year was to 1) wipe the cache from the boot menu and 2) set the network on LTE/CDMA only; these fixes completely resolved the mobile drop out and no sim card found issue.  However, using these 2 solutions has no positive effect this time around with this most recent problem occurrence. 

Also my Message+ version 6.4.212 began to malfunction; apparently it was part of the same software update of 05/30/17.  Every time I shut down my phone and restart it because of the no sim card found issue, using Message + app now requires me to manually restart the messenging service, something I've never had to do. After the message service starts, the app then asks me 1) if I want to create a public profile (I always answer "no") and 2) to key enter my phone number.  After completing these last 2 steps, my Message + app finally opens up and I am able to send and receive text messages. 

The SIM card issue occurs 3-4 times per day requiring a reboot which in turn triggers the Message + issue.  It's a rather painful experience considering my phone was working so well before this last software update. 

Is anyone else having this issues with their Note 4?  If anyone has solved these issues, please describe the fixes.


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