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Re: Fitbit Flex no longer connecting after update


Yep I'm having the same with with my VivoFit 2 and Samsung Note 4 as well as my wife with her VivoFit 2 and Samsung Galaxy S5; the issue started occurring right after the most recent update.

Note 4 software version: N910VVRU2CQF2

Android Version: 6.0.1

I spoke with Garmin and they said that Verizon's most recent update has changed something with a data transfer protocol. There is no ETA on a fix.

Very disappointing that this was not caught at a quality gate.

Things I've tried to do to resolve it:

Clear app cache/data

Uninstall / reinstall the Garmin Connect App

Turn Bluetooth on / off

Turn airplane mode on / off

Unpair the device (now I can't pair it again!)