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Re: KitKat Update Issues


Sorry but nothing fixed the issues on the past two phones I had and the one I have on. I just ordered the THIRD replacement. I end up replacing the phone every two weeks. I did the factory reset, wiping cache, samsung tried and could not push the update through and the Samsung rep told me that this is a Verizon issue. I did everything to av[avid avid the I'd

Avoid the update. Sorry for the messed up writing but the phone lags soo bad then attempts to catch up. I dialed Verizon at 615 the phone did nothing then 15 minutes called Verizon.  This is ridiculous.  On Tuesday I will have a FOURTH phone since February. Then to top that Verizon states I will get 25gb on the cloud cause I am on the more everything plan but only gave me 5 so yeah with each replacement I am using valuable information. If I could post pics I would show the screen shot I sent to my boss $ hoping.

Showing that I sent her a message over an hour and a half ago then is STILL trying to send.

I am done with all of this.