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KitKat Update Issues


I have noticed several problems since installing the latest KitKat update for my Galaxy Note 3 and wanted to post them to see if anyone else has noticed these issues and to hopefully make Verizon (more) aware of them:

  • WiFi connections are unreliable and are not usable after a short time. The icons will show that it is connected but apps will fail to connect to the internet and timeout with a message that says there is not internet connection. Turning off wifi and forcing it to use 4G resolves the problem immediately. I have had this happen both at work and at home. I have several other computers that use both networks with no issues. Because of this, I have gone over my monthly data allowance for the first time ever.

  • GPS is unreliable. It seems to work all right for a while after a reboot but it will eventually stop providing the location. At first I thought it might be an app issue but it happens at the same time for both Waze and Google Maps.
  • Had an issue connecting to Mobile Hotspot. I have only used it a couple of times since the update but the first time I tried, my computer said it was connected but there was no internet connection. The phone at first did not show that the computer was connected. After refreshing the Mobile Hotspot settings, it did show that the computer was connected but the computer was still not able to access the internet. I tried again another day and it worked normally.
  • 4G connectivity is less consistent than before. Areas where I used to consistently get a 4G signal will now often only give me a 3G signal and when I move to an area that I know has a strong 4G signal, the 3G signal will persist. Restarting the phone seems to temporarily restore the 4G connectivity back to normal.
  • Battery appears to be draining faster than before.
  • Performance is hit and miss. At times the phone seems more responsive and smoother to use but at others it stutters or hangs up for a few seconds.

I love the Note 3 but I have seen more problems from this update than benefits and it has made my phone somewhat less useful to me. I hope that Verizon is going to push out an update soon, especially for the wifi issues because that is going to cost me money if not fixed quickly.


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