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Re: Amazon will refund Note7 accessories


Addendum...I just got off chat with a service rep.  Return and refund of items for Note 7 bought via Amazon confirmed.  Also, original packaging not required but rep indicated they would note that in the account.  One cautionary is that if a screen protector is involved, and you still have the phone, remove the screen protector and put it in the package.  As I indicated above, I had a package with two protectors; one used on the phone, the other still in the box.  It was a 5 minute conversation.

For ease of the chat, have your order number, or numbers, makes for a faster look-up on their side.

Chat may be found at:

I selected Prime or Something else, then Amazon Business Question across from the number 2; I didn't have to select anything for number 1. The links for contact options appeared underneath (number 3), in yellow.  Just click on chat.