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Re: 32 Days: CS apathetic, empty promises, incompetence = no return kit


Addendum #2

I just finished 2 calls to USPS, regarding the shipping label Verizon Customer Service sent me and suggestion to return the Note 7 in a regular cardboard box. First off, the label is First Class and both the Postal Inspector and the local packaging specialist confirmed with that label, my package would definitely, or most likely be put on an airplane to go to Fort Worth. In order to not be sent via air it needs to have a ground only label. They suggested I call Verizon and tell them that, and ask for a ground-only Label. I told them Verizon would certainly not stop a nationwide return service on my advise.

I did find a link dated 9/2/2016 at that a ridged cardboard or plastic container is acceptable to return the Note 7. Noted must have a ground Label only. So maybe Verizon is 1/2 right?

The USPS was not aware of that link, but could not tell me that it was or was not OK to ship it in cardboard, although they did not like the plain cardboard idea.

I will package it up with the label and try the post office in person to see if they accept it.