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Re: Need to stay plugged in, or infinite reboot loop


Rhooks90, you are not alone.  Myself and many others are having the same issue.  Your description was perfect to how my phone started to fail.  20%, then 40%, then 65%, then dead.  To answer the Verizon Reps question, I did a factory reset from the phone first and it did not help.  I then went into the recovery to wipe and reset as well, still no change.  I then tried to plug the phone into my computer to back it up or run updates, but the power from my PC will not keep the phone on.  I do believe the update may have fried the battery somehow because Verizon sent a replacement and I had the same results, continuous boot loop as soon as I powered it on for the first time.  They are sending me a replacement with a new battery to try tomorrow.  WOW, now I just got a confirmation email that they are sending me an S5, hopefully it's a typo.  Calling you now Verizon.


For backup issues, you may have to get a sizable microSD card, plug in the phone to keep it from rebooting, and then transfer your data using My Files or another file manager app.