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Need to stay plugged in, or infinite reboot loop


Okay, so this issue has been going on for a bit now with moderate frustration. My Note 4 used to cut off automatically for no reason around 20% battery, but as of recent, its been increasing. Well, I woke up today to a 100% charged phone, and roughly 6 minutes after taking my phone off of the charger, the infinite reboot loop kicked in. Now, in order to use it, it needs to be plugged into the charger 100% of the time. I have the $11 coverage that covers about everything, but I am unsure how to go about fixing this issue. I've attempted to troubleshoot in every way I know how, but to no avail. I'd appreciate some assistance in this matter. It's truly a shame, as I bought the phone brand new in 12/2014. I've had the phone for a little over a year, and I honestly don't believe an issue should have come up this quickly. Quite ridiculous.

I'd be appreciative on any assistance I may receive.

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