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Re: Please open the 4G LTE Network Extenders to allow 'Preferred Access'


Not sure if being rude or just trying to clarify what I was meaning. either way, your response wasn't necessary. I'm sure tech support at Verizon gets what I am asking. Sure, without using layman's terminology it is called a White List.

the point I was making is that the newer 4G LTE Extenders that Samsung has made for Verizon do not have that functionality.

The other point I am making is that it is like buying a hamburger for yourself at the drive thru and by the time you pull up to the second window, after paying at the first, the hamburger has been eaten and a hamburger club has been formed by the staff and they won't let you in their club. You are left with nothing and the hamburger club gets all the benefits of what you just paid for.

That is essentially what is happening. Everyone else is benefiting from my Extender and I am not allowed on it when I get me from work because there are too many people in my surrounding area with Verizon devices.

I hope that was technical enough for you.