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Transferred Bill went on Credit report immediately


I am making an attempt to resolve my issue before taking further action.  I transferred my account from my husbands for a couple weeks and cancelled it. I owed $155. I kept getting a summary for over $250. I wanted to get the discrepancy straightened out before paying. I finally got someone on the line at Verizon Wireless that understood what error had taken place about 2 months later.  I had spoken to 3 or 4 agents to get the issue straightened out. The issue was never resolved even though I was told it was over and over again. Once I got the corrected bill ( 2 months later)  I still had never seen a detailed bill and was told this is what I would get. I called again- 5th or 6th time by now and was promised I would get a detailed bill. About 4 months into the ordeal I finally got the detailed bill. I am very busy, it took me a couple weeks to review the bill. I called to pay the bill and they could not find my account, every time they entered it, it came up under my husband. I tried to go through the special over due bill link and the payment went to my husbands current account. I was not aware this had happened until I got a letter from a collection agency, I called Verizon the day I received it and they said the previous payment was posted to my husbands account. Okay fine! I called the collection agency and paid them. Finally my payment went to the right bill and everything was squared away! Until a couple weeks later, I got an email saying my credit score was going down 50 points. WHOA!!! I went on credit karma to see what was going on, it was Verizon wireless.  I spent hours talking to the billing department trying to get them to understand that I paid this before it went to collections, it took months to get my balance and detailed bill. Also the day it went to collections, it was sent to the bureaus. This is where I seriously feel a violation is being made by Verizon Wireless. I cannot find any law or regulation allowing this.  How is this permitted? I paid the agency the day I got the first bill! It was reported to transunion etc. 10 days later!

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