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Why haven't I received my 10Gb of data?


On 12/18/14 I went to the Verizon store to upgrade a phone for Christmas. I picked out my phone and went to the counter. I chose to activate later as it was intended for a present. The lady told me that they were having a promotion and I was eligible for a free tablet and 10Gb of data for free for 12 months. Since I was on a data plan of over 10Gb shared I qualified. Only catch would be that it would cost $10.00 per month for service fee for tablet and she would have to activate it that day. No problem and I accepted the promotion. On 12/21/14 I returned to the Verizon store to go ahead and activate my upgrade since I gave this phone as a present early. The same lady activated the phone and made sure my tablet was working properly. All was great. I checked my account and I still have not received my free 10Gb data. I went back to the store today and they do not know why it is not there and took my name and number and said that a manager would get back to me. I've have not heard from anyone. I have been a verizon customer for 6+ years and have never had a problem upgrading until now. Has anyone else had this problem with this promotion? I wouldn't have accepted the free tablet if the data was not going to come with it. Help!!!!

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