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Replying to: throwing lots of errors & not working properly


Wondering if others are experiencing similar issues - since yesterday evening US Pacific time through to this moment, I have been trying to upgrade a device and its plan, add devices and add plans. While also trying to take advantage of several online only promos. This entire time the website has been throwing errors and acting strangely. Details below...

Last night I spent about three hours on this, and worked with three different agents - who also reported issues with their tools. The issues persist today, after several more hours this afternoon I can report that they are consistent with the issues observed last night. Now I wish I had taken more screenshots, but mostly from memory the errors and issues I encountered were:

  • Too many redirects
  • Tour request cannot be completed at this time
  • Vuelve a intentarlo luego
    Tu solicitud no puede ser procesada en este momento. Vuelve a intentarlo más tarde.
  • Pages simply hanging and becoming unresponsive
  • Chat with the Verizon reps disconnecting repeatedly, with issues on restoring the session thereafter
  • My session silently expiring or my token being discarded on approximately a 5 minute interval, causing me to need to re-login many, many times
  • Sessions expiring with notice when I was in fact still active on the web pages as well as in the chat with the reps
  • Product pages such as the default page for tablets, phones, and watches not loading properly (no images whatsoever) and intermittently being unresponsive

Please note as far as testing and analysis of this issue:

  • TL;DR - I am using multiple current version of major browsers on a late model Mac with the latest build of OS X; other sites and services are functioning normally; I wasn't overtaxing (a) my robust and stable internet connection or (b) my device; and I wasn't doing / using anything abnormal.
  • My internet connection is stable and performing well on the same device that I used to access as well as other devices - for example, no issues on, searching, pulling up YouTube video or streaming audio content.
  • Really no other site or service is throwing errors or acting strangely, and I used the sites mentioned above and others mainly to cross-check the weirdness with while listening to downloaded music (not streaming) using iTunes.
  • I was not using VPN, or any exotic security tools or 3rd party firewalls during this time
  • The device I used for this is a late model MacBook with the latest OS and all current patches
  • I am using the latest builds and fully updated vanilla installations (i.e. no added plugins or extensions) of Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Brave
  • There seemed to be slight variation in how each browser handles some of these errors, but the vast majority of the issues listed above were highly consistent between the browsers (i.e. there isn't one browser with a bunch of issues and another with virtually no issues - as would be expected with a major, modern website)
  • Looking at a couple of website error and performance sites, there were lots of little things reported but only one thing stood out to me (I am certainly not a site performance or SRE expert!) was that WebPageTest flagged the Total Blocking Time on the main product pages as being high at close to 9 seconds. However that tool was able to load the Tablets page for example whereas no matter how long I waited the page would not paint the images...

So anyhow... If others have been seeing similar or identical issues, please chime in here. I am very curious to know what you are seeing, and if it is similar to my experience since last night!