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Re: My Verizon App Spam Notifications


Hi Ryan, I appreciate the reply, but this does not help at all. I visited the screens mentioned in the page you linked and confirmed that everything is disabled. I am very thorough about disabling/unsubscribing from all unwanted marketing I possibly can, so I'm sure these have been disabled for a long time.

The suggestion of turning off push notifications is an extremely poor solution. The only way to use the My Verizon app for two-factor authentication, which is critical for cell phone accounts in this age of SIM swap attacks, is to have push notifications enabled. With this answer, you're making customers choose between critical account security and unsolicited, unwanted spam. Without the app, two-factor authentication must use email, which is less convenient and arguably less secure.

I am not a member of Verizon Up nor any other marketing program offered by Verizon. We should be able to secure our accounts with two-factor authentication via the My Verizon app without being subjected to unsolicited spam.