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Costco Verizon scammed us

Went to Costco verizon when guy offered us bogo for preorder galaxy note 10 . We wanted a new phone plus its a great deal so we preorder it. That was August 15 when they told us the deal. We came back  Aug23 because that was the release day for our phone. Everything was good. We signed contract and came home happy since we got two phone and thinking that we will only be paying for one. First bill came over and was a little high but we paid it since we understand the activation fee. The second bill came and thats when we started to be confuse.  We called Verizon and was told uto come back at the store to clarify because in our account, we are not availing the buy one get one free offer. So we came back, brought all the papers and talk to the manager. He never looked at our paper and just told us to wait after three billing cycle. "Should go down" he said . We are very confident so we threw the paper work. We paid the 2nd and third bill. 4th billing cycle and the amount hasnt changed. Came back to store and this is when it becomes ugly. We now have to pay full price for the two phone and get stuck on a two year loan contract. They told us we did not avail the offer because bogo deal should only work if we traded our old phone or we had one new line. This wasnt told us by the time we preorder and get our phone. We were lied plus they are putting the blame on us. It was their fault not telling us all about it. We could have trade in our phone or get a new unlimited line. Never again would trust them. They are only up for their sale I guess and trying to rip off people.