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Help escalating a problem!


Help! I have spent hours dealing with customer service (in stores, on chat, via phone) for almost a year now trying to get help. I purchased the BOGO deal last Christmas 2018. There was an issue with the purchase and the phone was not processed. I spoke with numerous people to help me and was informed multiple times that they would honor the promotion because they saw the history and I have the chat transcripts saved confirming then. Now I have realized that they have been charging me for both phones and I ha e tried to get this corrected only to be told that I have buy one get one 50% off. That is not what my transcripts of this ongoing issue state and I have been unable to get in contact with any sort of manager or escalation point where someone can actually help me. This is extremely frustrating as I have been over charged for a year now and have been put through the ringer with broken promises. People will either say they don't see what I'm talking about or say they see exactly what happened and have fixed it but this still have not been fixed! How do I get this escalated to someone who will once and for all resolve it???

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