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Re: Verizon up scam


Oh I know, I see where you're coming from but that's not the case. I'm not the one to complain, Id never even send a dish back at a restaurant. This I can't let go. I wasted time and money on something I would not have gone to if I wasn't lied to mutiliple times. I don't even like basketball, I "won" them for my younger brother...Here's a better analogy for you... If you won floor seats and you're young brother is excited but once you got there the tickets with exact seat number you were promised mutilple times were not there...I couldn't buy better ones because they weren't available so only option is worst seats with you're upset brother. What's the disconnect? They said to me something happened and they were in the wrong and fixing it. They said this before and after the game. I'm not complaining over something free (that I bid on with credits and supposedly won so that's irrelevant anyway). Im complaining about lies and how I was treated. It was an ordeal that made me look stupid, and made a young boy cry as I trusted Verizon with what they said and they have yet to even explain what happened.... I would pay $1000 to erase that night. The following week to make it up I ended up buying great seats and took my brother again.

I just wanted my story to be heard so be thankful you can think twice if you do win to not expect to get what you won at all and then in turn don't have to waste time, money, and travel to get to event. Take care. 

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