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Verizon up scam


Huge scam, I won tickets for "lower level" basketball game and they sent me the worst seats in the arena I was shocked how bad the tickets were. I drove 2hrs in traffic for $30 tickets when they were suppose to be lower lever worth atleast $100. They promised they were working on getting the right tickets but never got them for me. I complained that I wouldn't have gone for the worst seats there but they promised better tickets on hold when I got there, they lied. Made my young brother cry because he thought we would be able to see the game, watching from home would have been better. I talked to Verizon and was about to cancel my account because I felt played...Verizon told me it's a third party company so right there it's not even Verizon providing you with the perks. Don't bother calling Verizon up to complain, they just make jokes and say I'm the only one this has happened to and don't care. I documented the whole story of my experience and I plan on sharing it soon. Its unbelievable, the Verizon up rep said I couldn't record her (scam) but I live in a one side consent state so I recorded everything. When I went to cancel my plan they said they were going to look into it and call me back on a set date, they never called me back. I loved Verizon before this but switching services bc I can't let go how I was treated and I'm a passive person when it comes to issues like this. Take Verizon ups word as a grain a salt, they are full of garbage.

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