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Re: Verizon $250 BYOD rebate run around

Líder Sénior

@mstittle wrote:

Verizon is intentionally giving its new customers the run around on the rebates.  I switched my service from ATT to verizon - through online chat - and brought my phone over.  I met every criteria and yet after 4 months, am still being told I didnt use a valid verizon location.  Its simply a rebate offered in bad faith.  Im very dissappointed that  Verizon would treat a NEW customer this way.  I have no intention of staying with verizon if this isnt corrected but I dont hold out much hope.  

I would love to find a governmental agenty that deals with bad faith offers.  Verizon certainly would have a class action against tham as I know Im not the only one they are messing up

Shame on you Verizon.  

I switched, and the deal had other requirements.  The $250 was only for BYOD lines ported online.