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Re: Bad Service in one section of Bloomfield, CT


Please note that this issue is not specifically happening to me but also anyone with a Verizon account in the business park we are located in (1000+ employees).  The service has never been great at 1330 Blue Hills Avenue, Bloomfield, CT but the last couple of weeks it has been worse than it's ever been.  In my opinion something is blocking the signal and Verizon should have had sent a representative to this area to investigate.   This has nothing to do with my device which works fine almost everywhere else.  Has Verizon sent a representative to the area to see what could possibly be causing the issue? If not you should instead of blaming the poor service on non-existent foliage as your customer service reps have done in the past.  There are Verizon owned towers located not too far from here and large parking lots with absolutely no trees that could potentially block service.  I would like to see Verizon at the very minimum investigate the issue or take this are off the coverage map as it is completely misleading.