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Re: Absurd increase in data reporting from Verizon on our data usage.


@rcschnoor easier said than done. After my posts in June, I actually downloaded glasswire app to try to prove what was going on by monitoring data completely and seeing which of my over 200 apps were using data. Interestingly enough I had no issues with excessive data being used by my apps while my phone was on wifi.  So obviously the issue was not with the apps.  Unfortunately Glasswire affected my phone's performance due to the settings I'd set to make sure no data would be used while on Verizon network.  I had already incurred too many overage charges for data in that cycle and didn't want to incur anymore just to test it out on Verizon network. I had to cave and upgrade to unlimited. I had no choice. I did check out other companies and I may still switch before the end of this year once my device payments are completely paid.