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How do I stop someone else from using my e-mail address on


For the past year plus, someone else has been using my e-mail address (eliminado) as their contact address for their Verizon Wireless account.  When I receive e-mails for that account (eliminado), I click on the link to report that it's not my account.  However, nothing happens.  I've called support numerous time as well as tried the chat function.  Each time, they said they can't help me due to privacy concerns.  I've tried contacting the owner of the other account directly, as I have his contact address and phone number from past e-mails, but he will not log in to to change his e-mail address.  I have my own account associated with this e-mail address (XXXXX1871-00001) but want to stop receiving notices for this other account.  Any help would be appreciated.



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