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Why is proration not working?


I was on a 4 GB data plan, had used 2.89GB in the first 29 days.  29/31 of 4GB is 3.74GB, so I had already paid for that and could not avoid those charges.  I had .85 GB left, paid for, and can't avoid paying for.  I wanted 2GB for next month, and figured I could start it right away.  So I said change to 2GB starting today.

By the end of the day, I got text messages saying I had used up my entire allotment of 0.13 GB and would incur overage charges.

The usage application on the web site said my usage was .13GB, and my allowance was .129 GB.

What happened to the .85GB I had already paid for and not used?

Why can't I see my usage for the entire billing period?

I recall seeing a detailed usage app on the web site that showed dates and times and amounts used.  I can't find that now.  Is it still there?

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