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How does data sharing work?


I also have a question for you VERIZON WIRELESS!!!! I am going to be a NEW customer and am VERY confused to your new share everything plan..... so im going to ask this in the easiest way i possibly can..... simply.... my dad and I are going to sign up im getting the iphone 5 and hes getting the samsung galaxy s3 and since were new and have to sign up for the share everything my question to you is DO WE HAVE TO SHARE OUR DATA? were both getting 2GB for each of our phones so does the data automatically share? or do we have to use our phone as a hotspot to share our data? because if the data just automatically shares with who else is on your plan and you have 2Gb of data your gonna run thru that VERY fast. can we use our data SEPARATELY For example my dad is entitled to his 2GB he signed up for and im entitled to my 2GB WITHOUT SHARING or do we have to share our data? and if i ever DO wanna share my data how do i share my data?

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