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I ported over two phones at the end of March. I was told I would receive a rebate of $200 per line switched over. I submitted ONE request for rebate under the primary number and included the receipt that showed both lines on the same date being ported over. Last week I reach out to the rebate dept to find out they will only send me one because now that I am outside of the 30 days there is nothing they will do since I did not submit  rebate request per phone number. I escalated the issue for review to be turned down again. I reached out to the sales rep to explain the situation to be met back with no response. They are sales reps and clearly will not try to help with customer service unless your a new client! He was the one who gave me the unclear directions. Sorry I didnt read the FAQ beforehand. I feel like I was mislead, provided unclear instructions and then told too bad there is nothing we are willing to do. Why'd I leave sprint for this? Those cards were buying me out of my old contract! 

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