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Re: Throttling on unlimited

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@DONFOS90 wrote:

I guess I need my thesaurus.  you have to throttle someone to re-prioritize someone else.   and yes..  if you want a phone to actually use your service then you bill can get close to $200.   


My point being is you can't keep adding services called unlimited and prioritize all other data over the first one making it useless.  period, bottom line.

A) No 2 lines on Go is not going to br close to $200 to "just to use it. We have 4 lines on Go and including taxes and everythign we pay $227

B) Throttle is a permanent slow down of speed. Hotspot on Go is throttled since it's max of 600 Mbps regardless of congestion. Moible use it not since you maybe litterally be deprioritized for 5 seconds then back to normal speeds.

C) If you expect an unlimtied plan with no restrictions what so ever well that doesn't exist because no carreir has the capacity for such a plan. You think you have issues now. If Verizon had such a plan it would be 10X worse


Good luck at your new carrier