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Re: Throttling on unlimited

Líder Sénior

@DONFOS90 wrote:

I guess I need my thesaurus.  you have to throttle someone to re-prioritize someone else.   and yes..  if you want a phone to actually use your service then you bill can get close to $200. 

OR you could purchase a less expensive phone OR purchase the phone separately from your bill OR wait until you can afford a new device. My bill is $200 for 4 lines with Beyond Unlimited. I don't have phone payments.


@DONFOS90 wrote:

My point being is you can't keep adding services called unlimited and prioritize all other data over the first one making it useless.  period, bottom line.

I have unlimited driving on the roads in the US. Guess what, at some times I have to drive more slowly due to traffic. Some areas are worse than others. Cellular service is no different. Only so much data can transfer thru the cellular towers at a time. If you choose the bargain basement GoUnlimited service, you will be prioritized behind others who do not choose to have those restrictions. There are tiers of service regardless what you purchase, not just cellular service.


Maybe your best choice is to switch carriers so you can complain about their restrictions on their lowest tier of service?