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This company is a scam!


So I got this account 7 months back. All my 4 phones are at att but I saw this tab s4 $50 off and 1gb for $15 a month versus regular price and $15 a month for 250 MB's at att so I grabbed it. My bill has been 43 consistently everything works and it's beautiful.

So come March the iPad Air launches and its $150 instantly off. So I'm moving at the beginning of April and I don't have WiFi but I see you guys offered me unlimited data for $20 so I say yeah that's a steal. It seemed to good to be true but there it was gave me a bill estimate and everything. So I order it. 

Now ive moved and the service is spotty at my new location outside of the city which is okay because there's spots it does work and I have my att unlimited 4g hotspot which works flawlessly here. So I use that to support the spots it's weak. I'm fine with that because it's 35 for the service and I have discounts att wasn't willing to offer.

So here's the real problem: I get my bill and it jumps to $200+ from 43. Okay I'm aware of the activation I'm not new to this. I even work for a phone company can read the bill better than most. And my iPad line says unlimited for $80 and a partia charge of $25 becaus I added it in the cycle. That's where I first react because the partial month is more than what I'm expecting to pay for the plan. And the plan itself went to $80 on the bill. So I jump back on verizon website and app and it says $15 and $20. So I call to get the run around for 3 hours none of the agents even care I eventually just said never mind from being on the phone so long.

They're not willing to fix their mistake. They pretty much told me that's what the plan cost and they're not sure why it says $20 but if I want the unlimited it would be $80. They even go as far as to make me feel I've made the mistake. One rep said it's on the website which she couldn't even show me. I bought this based on the unlimited for 20 I can't afford this 80 plan in addition to my other services. And it can't be returned. I sit on the phone an get no resolution they don't even offer to credit the mistake. I told them just leave it alone. I'll get my resolution by other means. 


Overall this has been the worse experience ever. And now the service is mediocre at best on top of all these issues. Very dissatisfied.



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