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Re: Why am I using so much data at the same time every morning (when I am not)?

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@joliver87 wrote:

I just switched to verizon and did a lot of research before so I am very 'in tuned' with the 22 GB data restriction (throttle) on speeds when you get close/to that number.

So in 9 days I am at 1.32 GB data used and have not felt like I have done much (maybe that is pretty good so far).    

At that rate you’ll use maybe 6 gigs of data.  


BUT these time stamps below are in the middle of the night, at home and when my phone is ALWAYS connected to the WiFi. I am not up at 2AM - 8 AM surfing Facebook or really using my phone and even I was I am technically connected to my home WiFi. I have a brand new iPhone 7 by the way (seems like verizon people want to know that when they respond).

Why is there data usage???   

It’s NOT usage at those times.  It’s when usage from previous day was posted to your online account.   Like if you wrote checks during the day today, they wouldn't be presented and deducted from your checking account till tonight.    

These are TINY amounts of data.  Itty bitty.  And you have a minimum 22 gigs before you MIGHT get reprioritized.  There is no throttle.    

04.07.20197:55 a.m.0.10823
04.07.20191:55 a.m.0.00003
04.06.20197:56 a.m.0.12873
04.06.20191:56 a.m.


04.05.20197:57 a.m.0.13975
04.05.20191:57 a.m.0.00007


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