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Rollover Data


Extremely frustrated with Verizon, USED CAR sales pitch is  'hey, customer, this plan you get rollover data'!!! Verizon doesn't tell you that unused rollover expire after 1 month!!! This should be said loud and clear to customer at time of purchase of plan. This is like Verizon telling customer you get trade-in value of $300 on your phone, 'used car sales pitch', but leave out the part that if you don't redeem it in 2 days, 7 days, 14 days it expires. Honestly, this is having the customer feel like they have been cheated, because only PART of the rollover plan was mentioned, not everything!!! The beautiful shell game you play how data is used is such a scam! I don't use all my basic core plan data and 'rollover of how VERIZON decides to have it used'. Hey good job you have rollover, next month you feel good of how you manage your data, do this for several months, the very next month that you use all core plan data and .00001 rollover data. Next month SURPRISE, ALL ROLLOVER DATA IS NOW GONE!