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WHEN will MyVerizon work?


Ordered a phone at 6pm-ish yesterday. I don't know if it's because I ordered it during their non business hours, or whatever! But literally nothing is working.

I ordered an iPhone 7 Plus. I was given an email so I can confirm the agreements, but the website literally does NOTHING at all. The email fills in my Order and Location codes (I can't edit them or anything), leaving just me to fill out my last 4 SSN. The website shows three dots as if its loading and NOTHING ever happens. I have had this freaking problem ALL day and it is extremely frustrating. What kind of website is this? It says that most functions are DOWN, but three apparently still work. Hm. I checked the three 'working' links and literally only the ONLINE SHOP LINK WORKS!!! Can you guys like, perhaps work on your website instead of trying to weasel in more money for people who don't know the website is apparently garbage and down?

So, the links to agree, something that will literally put my order through, DOES NOT WORK but when I check Approved Orders (NOTHING was ever confirmed, the email itself shows that I have to agree to these statements before it is confirmed) it shows 'Transaction Completed'. So what is the deal here? I can't even cancel it because it gives me a Sad Face and "Something went wrong". I want to cancel my order ASAP, because reading other people struggling to even pay their BILL is astounding to me. I am done with Verizon and I haven't even gotten my [removed] phone. A+ work lads, I'm done.

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