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Re: Detail data usage log


I am having the exact same issue with iphone data tracker not matching verizon. And verizon saying iphone is using data in the middle of the night when phone is on wifi. This has been going for months and months. But here's a real whopper for you, yesterday the verizon text log on verizons website showed my husband texting a pic or video to an unknown number 2 times this month, and both in the early am hours. Mysteriously, it doesnt show in the verizon text log today. But thanks to Verizon's inaccurate data and text logs, I confronted my husband with Verizons information and basically accused him of cheating. Explain to me how am I going to take that back? Someone, whether it's verizon or apple owes me a ton of money for going over my daya plan evey month. But who is going to take reposibility for ruining lives! I'm sure I'm not the first wife this has happened to and I'm sure I won't be the last. Figure this garbage out Verizon!!!!!

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