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Re: My Verizon-Verizon Up - "We can't process your request now"


I've been having the same problem; it's been happening for the past few days.   I've uninstalled / reinstalled the app and rebooted both my phone and tablet, but I still get the same Error Message...What's the point of having these great Give-Away Offers if you can't access them.  Currently, the only way you can access VerizonUp is through the My Verizon App.  So if there are technical issues with the My Verizon App, then you won't be able to access VerizonUp.  I've already complained to Verizon (via the feedback section in the My Verizon App) concerning the issues with VerizonUp.  Verizon should have an alternate way access to VerizonUp, customers should also be able to have access to Verizonup at the website.  Having an alternate way to access VerizonUp would allow customers to still be able to access VerizonUp ; even if there are technical issues with the My Verizon App.