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Re: I mwant to know what my bill will be next billing sycle

Líder Sénior

Unless you request a change in your account, your billing date is the EXACT same date every month. Your online bill will be available approximately 4-5 days after your billing date. Your bill is due approximately 20 days after your online bill becomes available, depending on how many days are in the month.

So, if you want to know when your next bill will be sent, check your online MyVerizon account and see what date it was sent last month. Your NEXT bill will be sent 1 month AFTER that date.

Unless you have made a change in your account or had unusually high usage your bill will be approximately the same as it was last month. If you have made changes to your account, the difference in your bill will be dependent on what those changes were. No one on these public forums have access to your account and would be unable to provide that information.