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Why does Verizon Wireless not honor their Black Friday Deal?


On Black Friday(11/23/2018) I ordered a Samsung S9+ from Samsung's website with Verizon Wireless's promotional deal of $400 off.

Before ordering, I went to my local Verizon Wireless store and triple-checked that despite the fact that the phone was listed on Samsung's website, Verizon will honor their $400 off promotion that was listed there. There was even small print which said that this should fall under Verizon Wireless payment method for 24 months and the calculation was -$16 per payment. In total that was $400 dollars. So I ordered the phone.

I received the phone two days ago, activated it, and was very surprised seeing just -$8.44 Device Promotional Discount in my Feature Billing on Verizon Wireless, My Account web page. I called the CS and spent literally an hour and a half listening for different and sometimes contradictory information.

First I was told that the promotion is in place and I will receive the credit by the end of 24 months period.

Then I was told that I bought the phone at 11/28 and this is why I should not be qualified for Black Friday Promotional.

After that, I was told that since I ordered the phone from Samsung's website I am not qualified for the device promotion at all.

After that, when I pointed out that I did receive $200 Device promotional discount, I was told that that $200 discount was for different purchase, etc.

I called Samsung's Customer Support today. The customer service representative told me that there is a record in the order notes that my order is qualified for $400 Promotional Discount. He also told me that I have just 15 days to return the phone.

So I am currently under impression that Verizon is trying to come up with any possible excuses to avoid giving me this Black Friday Promotional. This is very disappointing considering that I bought the phone as a gift just due to the Black Friday Promotion. Turns out that I will have to send it back and at this moment I am not even sure if I will stay with Verizon at all.

So the question I have is why does Verizon not honor their own Black Friday Deal?

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