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Re: Data usage seems fraudulent!

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Community Manager

VisforVerizon, it's our goal to ensure you're able to enjoy your data usage without too much worry. We have several tools and resources that can help monitor your data usage: to make life easier for you.


These tools are meant to guide you. They can help notify when you're close to using all of your data, track where data is going in general, and see the relative time that data is being used. As some of the other users have mentioned, the reports are not actually confirming the specific time that data is being used. Cellular devices are constantly connecting to data (unless manually switching the data services off) so the reports are always updating throughout the day instead of minute by minute or second by second.


The most helpful tool to monitor data usage is truly by using your own device. Your device may have a specific setting that will want to use the best connection available - whether it's Wi-Fi or data. The device will also confirm which specific apps on your device are using data and how much has been used by that particular app. If you can confirm the make/model of your device, we'd be happy to cover these options with you as well.



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