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Re: Benefits of being long time customer?


Long time...short're a customer and all customers are treated equally. Your close to 20 years as a customer does not make your business more valuable than my close to 7 years as a customer. Verizon has their set prices and plans that all customers have access to. It isn't like playing a video game and the more you play the more you unlock.

Your question should be - What is the benefit being a customer in good standing with Verizon? - and if you can't say that you get the best value of service for the money you're spending then you should look for a carrier that suits your needs. You're essentially asking for Verizon to give you a discount on the data that you use because you have been with them for so long while someone who is only a customer for a year doesn't get any discount. Someone has to pay for it and I don't use more than the amount of data I selected to pay for each month. My price should not go up because you want to pay less and use more. What kind of economics is that?