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How do I file a complaint against Verizon?


I am a longtime Verizon wireless customer.  I recently purchased 4 IPhone 7's from Sams Club and was advised that the $30 per line Upgrade Fee would be waived for each of them.  I received my first bill last month and noticed that the fee was not waived.  I contacted Verizon Customer Service and they agreed that I would receive a credit on my bill for this fee.  The next month, no credit. I contacted Verizon Customer Service again, however, this time, I was advised (after almost 1 hour) that I needed to go back to the store to receive the credit and that the rep took good notes of our conversation. Seriously? Look at my conversation from last month when I was advised that I would be credited for these fees. Very deceptive practices and a lot of runaround for something I never should have been billed for in the first place. Maybe I need to look at what other wireless companies have to offer.

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