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Re: Absurd increase in data reporting from Verizon on our data usage.


I have the exact same issue. I work from home and use wifi via comcast nearly 24 / 7, yet, I get to use almost all of my XL data plan.

This week, I week on vacation and used 27 gigs in 3 days of time, barely using my phone at all.

Back 2+ years ago, I would use the phone like crazy, watching netflix videos and the go and other youtube for hours, and barely reach 1gb of usage.

Now, as soon as I touch the phone to use the road map, It uses 2+ gig of usage.

Give me a break. AT&T, Verizon and other phone companies have found a new way to rip off their customers. My advice: change to another phone network, such as T-mobile or Sprint. By attempting to extort $ 20 - $ 30 extra per month with data usage, they will loose life long customers that spend $ 150+ per months...