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when does day 1 start?


i would like to know when day 1 of the 14 I'm allowed to either return, exchange, or cancel service altogether start?

i would also like to add that I purchased 2 128gb iPhone 7s from an official Verizon store, and not just an authorized dealer, and went back wanting to exchange for different 7s. I wanted to swap out these little 128gb for the 256gb iPhone 7 plus. Day one of bringing home the phones I already had an issue... BOTH boxes when opened and had only the phone. Just one black 128gb iphone 7 and one red 128gb red Iphone 7. No charger, no cord, no headset, no 3.5 audio jack adapter.

of course I immediately called someone to report this... because how the [removed] am I supposed to charge it when it finally dies???

so please explain to me when day 1 starts? because Verizon didn't deliver me what was expected at activation nor a whole phone... I'm purchasing these... not bringing an existing phone to use... SO... i need a competent Verizon employee to answer this qurstion for me and deal with the rest of this nightmare as a new Verizon customer.

i did bring the phones back to the store to exchange and lucky me! the store had both of the 7 plus's I was wanting to sawp out for.... but they didn't take back the phones due to not being wiped clean yet. that's a first by the way... needing to wipe my phone clean in order to return or exchange in my case. Was sent home to "wipe" the phones back to factory setting and invited to come back the next day to do the exchange. The customer service rep even assured me that she would hold these phones since they only had one of each left and they never have these in stores. She acted as if she was doing me a favor because they NEVER hold phones and even if an exception was made.... they NEVER hold them overnight. oh LUCKY me!!!!

i figured since I wrote this much that I might as well finish.... i came back the next morning with phones that were wiped clean and turned on like when you set up a new iPhone. came back bright and early to pick these and make absolutely sure i like the service and product enough to return and cancel my service in any case Verizon isn't much different then AT&T.

i waited for the longest time ever... and eventually left...  coming back within an hour, actually less, later.... the same rep from the night before helped me again... and informed me that my account was on hold. i beg your pardon? yesterday was on hold from a not released order and today just an account hold altogether??? i left, went to my car and couldn't use my AT&T phone. this is why i was planning to switch to Verizon. AT&T service wasn't doing what it once did anymore!!!! so I went all the way home and called verizon to find out that there wasn't a hold. i am hysterically laughing at this point. went back to the store and the rep that was helping had left... the horseface that eventually helped me told me that my account is still on hold. [removed] okay. not laughing anymore, this is becoming a drag. AT&T fails again... home i go... AND GUESS WHAT?!!!!!??!

my account was most definitely on hold... by the FRAUD DEPARTMENT!!! and of course the line gets disconnected....

i call all back and ask what happened for me to get sent over fraud and I was told that someone went in a verizon store trying to pick up phones under my name. once they were asked for ID to verify, the culprit was uncooperative and booked from the store.... i thanked that representative so much for protecting me, my identity, and account.... and was thinking at the same time why this happens more often then not nowadays... I asked the rep if I can get details like when, what store, and what they tried to do sine management at that store was the person that place the fraud hold and account notes under my account. She told me it was on so and so date at about store closing time. I thought about it... HEY!!! that was me at that store last night!!! what the [removed] was that store manager thinking?!? I showed them my ID immediately when they approached me to help and was not in any way uncooperative! i even left the store peacefully when I wasn't able to came and do what I needed to do. Not only that... I went back twice the following day to try and get this done. But I was not able to exchange and even placed on fraud hold and UNABLE TO DO ANYTHING WITH MY ACCOUNT FOR 30-90 DAYS!!! and STILL had 2 not fully furnished phones. I was supposed to bring over 6 lines of service.... and am currently stuck with two AND will be paying AT&T still. Have you any idea how much money this will be costing me.

can I get everyone's two cents that kept reading until now what i did wrong here and if my 14 day should have started or not yet?!? And why... anything everything would be appreciated... thank you...

and VERIZON... i do expect a response...

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