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My $680 phone bills


I switched to VZW from AT&T back in February. I was told with my phone trade-in's I would be eligible for $5/month phone financing. I traded in my phone and received a $490 dollar credit. 2 months later, I was told I owe the $490 dollars because I was not supposed to receive it (understandable, since I was supposed to get a different promo). I told them I was supposed to get my phones for 5 dollars a month and had no problem paying it back if they changed my bill to reflect the 5 dollars/month phone financing and back date it to when my plan started. That seemed to be ok with customer service when they verified the promotion. After waiting about a month (today) I called back because there was no reflection of this $5 financing for the phones on my plan. The customer service rep went through all the steps again and verified the promo from back in February and said that she took care of it. I received a text message verifying the changes. Later in the evening I received an email about the changes on my account;  VZW charged me 490 dollars again with -$15 on each line, so 460 dollars. I can not continue to pay nearly 700 dollars each month for 2 phones on my line. Please help me resolve this before I am required to cancel my plan and take this further.

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