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Re: Why is Verizon Wireless standardizing the number of days to pay our bill from 25 to 22 days?


What's WORSE is the message that appears on the website.

Every time and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME, as soon as I sign on, a giant banner UNFURLS from the top of the web page and covers TWO THIRDS of the visible content on the page, covering the links I need to  click!  Why is that?  Is it useful information? NO! Every day for the past THIRTY FIVE DAYS it has had a pink notice telling me "Your payment due date is changing".  Oh really? You need to tell me that EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THIRTY FIVE DAYS?

It also tells me that employment was verified on Dec 21, 2013.  WHY are you telling me about something that happened FOUR YEARS AGO and why do I need to hear about it EVERY SINGLE DAY?

MY SUGGESTION is that Verizon remove this annoying banner from the website entirely.  It is intrusive and slows down everyone's usage of the website.  Think of another way of showing urgent information to the customer and rethink your concept of "urgent". Is telling me something that happened FOUR YEARS AGO urgent?  It is not!