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filed a lawsuit in district court. Incorrect information by verizon sales representative resulting Incorrect bill.


While signing-up for FIOS Sales representative tried to sell the Phone service. As I make call to Singapore and India, I have been using VOIP phones such as Vonage, Unovon and calling cards like Reliance. I asked the sales rep to confirm that calls to india are part of the plan and no long distance charges will be incurred similar (similar to Vonage ) . sales representative confirmed that there are no additional chages and calling to India is included.

Come the first bill I see long distance charges. called Verizon customer service and as usual , they are sorry, these calls include long distance. sent a letter to Verizon dispute  department address in NJ as suggested  by the customer service representative. no answer.

realized that verizon is following a highly unethical business practices.

Filed lawsuit  Nov 01, 2017 on Verizon . enough is enough.

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