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Switching to New Verizon plan is cheaper?


I am currently on the Unlimited Talk and Text plan with 1G data. I pay $60 a month plus taxes/fees. (This plan did not allow for me to use an employer discount.)  I don't necesitas more data, but some months I am close to my limit. I would definitely use more data if my plan had more.

According to the website, I can switch to the New Verizon Plan with single line and 5G data (and use my employer's 15% discount) for $54 plus taxes/fees. Assuming that the taxes/fees are similar to what I pay now (~$6) , I'll get 5G for $6 less? I don't need anywhere near 5G but heck, its cheaper! Are there more taxes/fees/surcharges on this new plan? Am I missing something? I'm going to cry if I switch and the plan ends up being like $80-90 total because I didn't anticipate other fees.

(BTW, I am past my contract end date and upgrade eligible but I really do not need a new phone, nor do I want the bill hike that will accompany new phone payments.)

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