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Missing Bill Credits for Device after 5 months?!?!


I bought a Moto Z Play in early November when there was a promo for $7 bill credits for 24 months totaling $168 to offset the original $17/mo cost for the device. It said it could take up to 2-3 billing cycles to show up. After the 3rd bill still showed no credits I called Customer Care and was assured they would be applied soon. I was essentially just told to wait. Awesome. Well 5 billing cycles later and STILL NO CREDITS AT ALL??? This needs to be fixed. It seems a LOT of other people have the same issue, almost as if it's being done on purpose to profit as much as possible off of customers. I still have the screenshot of the original offer that shows the terms, there were no other restrictions that would've voided the credit for my account. What will it take to get this resolved? 5 more months? An attorney? I'm so fed up with getting the runaround and I am clearly not alone.

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