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Trade in credit on line or device ?


I have 4 lines on my account. Last year, I bought 4 iphone 7 devices and traded in 3 iphone 6 devices to get  the $650 promotion credit.

I am receiving the credit on 3 lines.  The issue is that I did NOT trade in my phone under my line and did trade in my wife's phone.  The credit is being applied to my phone line and not my wife's.   My wife's phone is paid off.  I called verizon the first three months the credit was being applied incorrectly.  The first two times, I was told that it would be corrected and it was not.  The third time I was told that it could not be corrected.

Is it possible to use the upgrade on her line, purchase a new iphone 8/x at full retail price, and activate the phone on my line ?  If I do so, will I lose the monthly credit being applied to my line because it is a different device?

I plan to keep all 4 lines active on the account.  Is the credit being applied to the line or the device ? 

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