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Does anyone there really care ?


Where is the accountability for customer care at VW ?

For over a month now, I have been trying to get my phone number off of an over-priced individual plan and combined into my shared Verizon plan.

The short version is: The line was transferred from a corporate account on December 16. I was told that the line had to be placed in a single plan for one day and would then be transitioned into my shared plan. Well, not so fast... It appears there was some 'promotion' on that line that is preventing the line from being added into my shared plan. They claim they have tried 'everything' and they still get a system error when they attempt to move the line.

Since then, I have called back every week for a follow up. Every time, I speak with a different rep who promises me they will get to the bottom of this and fix the problem. Some have even provided email addresses; and phone numbers for me to call back. <crickets> All I get is voicemail, and messages are never returned. It seems they will promise you anything to get you to just hang up.

Fast forward to this week, my latest call with "Crystal"... I was told that "Brandon" had opened an IT ticket for my problem on Jan. 3. IT had forwarded my problem to an "account team". Apparently, "Brandon" was supposed to be getting a response to his original request for assistance, so "Crystal" was going to email him for an update. More <crickets>.

So, I ask, where does a customer go to get a resolution. There appears to be no accountability.

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