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False advertising-no return in full


Has anyone purchased a Verizon device, couldn't get it to work, and then was forced to pay a restocking fee in order to get something that did work?  I have found NO dispute resolution option.

I went in to the local Verizon store for a wireless internet access device and was told they didn't have any, go to Walmart!!

I then ordered it online through Verizon.  When I received the mifi global usb u620, I could not get it activated.  I called customer service and he could not get it to work.   Por Internet, it says this device funciona para Windows 10, I went back & checked to make sure, the rep said no it doesn't.  So I have to return it, as my new laptop is window 10.  He tells me to take it in to my local Verizon store.  Mind you, we tried to get this to work on my old laptop, windows 7, and it would not work.

So, it does not work, as advertised it would.

So I take it in to the store, they take 5 minutes in a 4 person confab on whether I can return it here or not.  Finally yes, and they say that the jetpack mifi 6620L works with Windows 10.  So I can exchange for that, they go through many attempts to get the return and exchange into their system correctly, as they could not get the correct price to come up.  Finally they do, kind of.  It is ultimately the same price they say, but only after a rebate, that I have to mail in, and wait how many weeks for? And it's in a Verizon card, not even a credit on my account.

So finally, they finalize everything...and it includes a restocking fee...for something that their customer service couldn't get to work.

They all agree that I'm up a creek & have to pay the fee, because it's a felony if I just go back and try to sell the device on my own!  I have a trip planned, so need something to work with my new laptop so am forced to go through with the exchange.  And I say I hope it works with Windows 10 or I'll have to pay another $35 restocking fee, they say yup !

And then they proceed to offer up accessories that I can buy !  Yes even for a device I don't know even works!

Does anyone else think I should have gone to Walmart????  I would have at least gotten better service and no fees, even though I couldn't get a device!

Nice false advertising to get a sale, and then corrupt policies on the back end to get a fee.  Oh yeah, and nice customer service.

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