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Why am I not getting what I'm suppose to receive!!!


My current plan shows that I have 25GB per line w/ VZ Cloud.  But I'm only getting 5GB.

So I chatted w/ an agent.  He said he only sees that I have 5GB, not 25GB.  I tried to send the screen capture, but there was no way I could send it to him.  And he tried to "cobrowse session" which he could be able to see my screen, but it failed too.

Honestly until today, I only cared for the data I have.  I didn't even know I should have 25GB per line w/ VZ Cloud until I was going to change my plan!

So why the agent was seeing a different information of my current plan than what I was seeing?

And why am I not getting 25GB of storage per line w/ VZ cloud which I'm supposed to have??

I switched to Verizon over 16years of using AT&T, and I'm so disappointed w/ Verizon!

Also the agent I chatted w/ was so horrible!  Didn't understand what I was asking nor tyring to   Thank god I e-mail myself the chat transcript!  Is there a way I can send it to his supervisor???

FYI, below is a captured image of what I see under my current plan.

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