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Re: Why am I forced in to a plan I can't use? Paying thru the nose for no coverage.


bloomstone wrote:

I live in a rural area where Verizon has been promising for over 10 years to put a cell tower in. I maybe make 2 phone calls a month, and use minimal data to occasionally google something when I am in civilization. My phone is more of a tiny little computer to me than a communication device. Why am I forced to pay for a plan that in no way reflects my actual usage? I talked to customer service and I can't even switch to slightly less expensive prepaid plan unless I want to pay for early contract termination. I guess when my contract is up at the end of the year I will be dumping Verizon.

I am so frustrated with this company. They clearly do not need me as a customer.

You are "forced" to pay the bill every month because you signed a contract stating that you would do so for 2 years in exchange for the substantial discount that you received on the phone you bought. You HAD to know that your service wasn't acceptable prior to signing the most recent contract. Especially if you have been a subscriber for 10 years.

Verizon does have a network extender that you can buy. Or with Advanced calling enabled on your smartphone, you can use Messages+ to send and receive calls and text messages through wifi.

If you would like to break your contract you would be held to the terms of the contract you signed, including the eEarly Termination Fee.